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As a Business Owner, you know how important email is. Despite the abundance of social media platforms, chat and video meetings, it is still the number one method for communication between a business and its customers.


To a customer, knowing a business’ email address can be the difference between making a sale or not. In addition, businesses use emails to communicate to one another, both within the organization and to customers. Using a professional business email address is one of the best and easiest way to help your business to succeed.

Why Using a Free Email Service Is Bad for Business?

If you are using a free email service you are sending the wrong message. It is just too easy and frankly necessary to have a website for your business. It could mean a number of things to your customers or potential customers:

  1. Your company cannot afford a domain name and a professional website with email
  2. The email you sent is coming from your personal email account and not your business account
  3. You are not organized or professional enough to get a domain name for your company
  4. You are not concerned with privacy

Most SPAM filters these days are looking for free email account email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail. The reason is that SPAMMers typically use free email accounts to send out SPAM. It is easier to setup a free email account and it doesn’t cost them a dime. Hence, the emails you send are likely to be mistaken as SPAM emails.

Free email services seem to receive a disproportionate amount of spam. You’ll receive more spam using a free email service than with most alternatives. Some are better at spam filtering than others, but occasionally, legitimate email will be a casualty.

Most free email services are supported by advertising. You will see ads alongside, or in some cases within, your email, and in some cases, they may be added to your outgoing email.

Advertising based on the contents of email raises the issue of privacy; it “reads” your email to determine which ads to display. Some services may also use your information to target ads elsewhere, tailor features and functionality based on your usage, or even share your information – presumably anonymized – with third parties.

When you use your company’s domain name in your email correspondence (@yourcompanyname instead of @yahoo or @gmail), you are continually presenting your company name over and over again. It’s like free marketing. And if you don’t take this opportunity to market your own business, and you use a free email service like Gmail, you are essentially putting a sign for somebody else’s business over your front door. In other words, you are advertising for Gmail and not your own business. If your email has your domain name in the email address (eg. sales@yourcompanyname), you are once again, cementing the name of your company into your potential customer’s mind. Do this over and over again and the customer will remember your company before any other company when they are about to buy your products or services.



Why you need a Professional Business Email?

If you were thinking about spending a fair amount of money with a company, which salesperson email would you feel more confident with: dawitabebe273@gmail.com -Or- sales@mybusiness.com?

If you choose paid email, it’ll have a lot to do with enhancing your credibility. When customers try to reach you through your domain-customized email address, it’ll leave a better impression; your brand will come across as professional. If you’re trying to build a brand that will stand out, it’ll be harder to achieve that by using a free email service.

If your email ends with @gmail.com or @yahoo.com, customers might assume that you’re an individual and don’t have or belong to a company. So, they might approach your email with skepticism, or perhaps even suspicion. Worse still, if your competitors use custom email addresses, a customer may well take their business down the road. Yes, you’re saving money with a free email address but losing on credibility.

This is especially important as you grow your staff: when you have your own custom email address, you can use a standard format for all your company email addresses. This provides consistency in your business, and customers can easily remember the formula for your company email addresses. When you use free emails, you’re at the mercy of whatever usernames are still available. If your name is Dawit Abebe, good luck getting that email without adding all kinds of characters and numbers to the address, like dawit_abebe_555@gmail.com

Here are some examples of employee email styles you could use using employee name:

dawit.abebe@businessname.com [Full Name]
dawit.sales@ businessname.com [First Name + Department]
dawita@businessname.com [First Name + Fist Letter from Father’s Name]
dawit@businessname.com [First Name]

What happens when your finance manager leaves, taking her/his personal email with her/him? If she/he was using it to conduct business for your organization, you won’t be able to access those emails.

Therefore, you could create a generic email for certain roles using the department name, like financemanager@mybusiness.com so that the new hire just takes over management of that account. They would just need to change the display name and footer signature to their own.

Here are some examples of employee email styles you could use using department names:

financemanager@businessname.com [Finance Manager]
salesmanager@businessname.com [Sales Manager]
sales01@businessname.com [Sales Staff 01]
sales02@businessname.com  [Sales Staff 02]
hr@businessname.com  [Human Resource]
gm@businessname.com  [General Manager]
ceo@businessname.com [Chief Executive Officer]

Unlike with free email providers, if you choose a paid email provider, your privacy is going to be guaranteed. Also, you won’t get any ads that are placed for you by Google, Yahoo or Others. Website browsers won’t have any insight into your email, which means they can’t use it for ads.

When using a domain-based custom paid email, your outgoing emails are less likely to be mistaken as SPAM. They get delivered without any problem.

With most Spammers typically using free email accounts to send out SPAM these days, most SPAM filters treat free email services more harshly. The reason is that is easier for them to do so because it does not cost anything.

A business email address is like a calling card. After setting up an account and using it to send business communications, you will notice a better response from clients and customers who recognize your brand name in the email address.

Have you ever seen someone’s email address on a business card and looked up the website because you were curious? That doesn’t happen with free email addresses. But, if you use your domain within your website, you’re getting your brand in front of more eyeballs.

Your business email address should appear in each employee’s email signature, as well as on business cards and marketing materials. Every place you have that branded email address is one more opportunity to attract new business!

Is it an email address you can trust? Business email addresses denote a registration, safety measures, and professional responsibility that just are not present with a free email address.

Even if you’re a sole operator, you can have emails for different purposes like sales, support, orders, etc. This can give the impression that your company is larger than it is (which is not a bad thing), and in the event that one day you hire for those roles, you can simply assign those email addresses to other employees.

Our Business Email Solution

Our solution, Atlantic Mail, is a secure and reliable business email solution tailor-made for your organization’s communication needs. With enhanced collaboration features, it’s not just an inbox—it’s more. 

Accounts can be seamlessly integrating with the built-in Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts to create the perfect email solution for your business.

You can either set up your email on your computer with your favorite email client, like Microsoft Outlook or access your mail from your Smart Phones and Tabs.

You’re in good hands. Rest easy knowing we offer 99.9% availability, expert support 24/7, secure email with 256-bit encryption, and strong virus, spam, and fraud protection.

Why use our Business Email Solution?

  • Your Inbox bundled with Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts.
  • Secure & Safe
  • Hassle-free Migration
  • Signatures
  • Filters
  • Advanced Search
  • Auto Reply
  • Powerful Admin Control Panel
  • iOS, Android and Web-based
  • 24×7 Email Support
  • Comes with 5GB, 10GB and 50GB Options
  • Affordable Price Compared to Office 365 or Google Workspace

Your Inbox bundled with Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contacts.

Contextually create events, tasks, and notes from any content in an email or from posts.

Keep up with events

Events can turn chaotic if not properly organized. Use the Calendar module in Atlantic Mail to create and keep track of your events.

Break it down

Completing a set of small tasks is always easier than tackling one big project. The Tasks module in Atlantic Mail helps you break down your work and create manageable task schedules.

Duly noted

Annotation helps you keep your thoughts in order. Add virtual sticky notes in the color of your choice with the Notes module in Atlantic Mail.

Stay connected

Organize all your contacts in one place. Your organization address book and auto-fill come in handy when sending emails or looking up contacts.

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